Facebook Marketing Tool FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Easy to Setup

As easy as 1-2-3 to Setup Messenger bot that can reply 24/7

Bulk Messaging

Send bulk messages to your Messenger subscribers in just 1-click

Keyword Based Reply

Set your auto replies based on keywords and increase page response time.

Auto Private Reply

Allows you to send auto message reply to your post’s commenters.

Auto Comment Reply

Allows you to send auto comment reply to your post’s commenters.

Auto Comment & Like

Allows you to auto like your users comment on your page’s post.

Facebook Post

Allows you to post facebook post message directly from the dashboard.

Page Message Manager

Helps you to see unread messages,send replies and faciliate messages and messengers

Customized Menu

Create smart menu options inside messenger inbox to help potential clients to explore more about your products and services

Anti-Theft Comment Reply Enhancers

Do you know how much of your customers are being stolen by your competitors? They always keep eyes on your page to see who comments on your page. And they send private messages to your clients and finally take them away from you.

Do you have any solution to the problem?

FBMacro’s unique Add-on ‘Comment reply Enhancers’ comes with a complete way out to solve this stealing issue. This Add-on can hide or delete comments after replying. Therefore, your competitors can’t see your customers’ comments, and can’t snatch your customers anymore.

Besides, based on keywords, this add-on called ‘Comment Reply Enhancers’ can delete or hide abusive comments. Thus, this add-on keeps your Facebook page’s image clean.

E-commerce Platform Messenger

Will allow you to sell your products and services via messenger. No need for an e-commerce website since you can sell it directly using our E-commerce Platform via Messenger.

Enhanced Comment Reply

This add-on can also make multi-media replies to your customers’ comments. Now you can reply with text, image, gif, audio, video, and animation. Multi-media comment reply increases the the click-trough-rate of a comment and arouses positive emotion in the clients. Multi-media reply is more attractive than text-only reply, it increases the attraction of the people to your Facebook Page

Tag campaign

All the commenters will get notification about your comment & they will visit it again. You can make your post viral again as the post will again start to display in people feed and also friends of commenters.
Mentioning commenter in reply will make it more personalize and notification will be sent to each commenter. Suppose your post have 1K comments and you want to reply them all mentioning commenter name. You can do this by simply creating an easy campaign.

Refund Policy

Due to the digital nature of our products all sales are final. No refunds will be granted.
You are responsible for cancelling your subscription if you wish to do so, and any access will be removed from your account when done. You have the rights to try the Free Trial for 7 Days before getting the starter kit, premium or deluxe package.

Does this work on a Mac? Windows? Android?

Yes, as our system servers are cloud-based that works on all major desktop & mobile fone browsers.

Do I need any technical skills to run this app?

No, not at all. All you need to do is connect your Facebook account then everything will be as easy as 1-2-3.

Is there a chance of my accounts getting Blocked/Banned by using this App?

No, If you adhere to the system guidelines, you will never get blocked and locked out from your facebook accounts! Our systems work with special measurement tools and guidelines, but still, it’s not 100% sure, it always depends on your activities. Facebook has very strict rules when it comes to spamming links and flooding post on groups. See Facebook Community Standards.

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